Worried, Angry & Powerless

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that both you and Gail are having a hard time at the moment.
    All I can advise is that you should forget about taking control and feel empowered; have faith in the surgical team and trust their professional skills. To them everything this is normal and everyday, but to you it is alien and frightening. I’m upset that some of the staff are not treating you with courtesy and the respect you deserve. Have faith, stop worrying, and in a few days all will seem brighter.

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks so much for you comments Adrian. I know you’re a professional yourself and so your words are particularly welcome. I have the utmost respect for those who dedicate themselves to the care of others it’s just that incident such as the one I mention tonight create intense concern.

  3. Dawn says:


    Without going into detail, both my husband and I are stuck in the health system due to illness.
    The anger, powerlessness and frustration are more heartbreaking than the illness. It’s horrible to be at the mercy of medical physicians who are so overbooked they are unable to properly tend to the sick. There is truly a lack of deligence and humanity within the medical system. I realize it’s not their fault we are sick, yet they are the one’s that have chosen to heal.

    I’m powerless with you

  4. Neil says:

    Thank you Dawn, I truly hope that like me the discovery that your feelings are shared by others makes them a little easier to control. I wish you and your husband a full and speedy recovery

  5. Ed says:

    Hi Neil, Keep up the good work, the best thing in the world Gail can have at this time is someone outside the system to be there on her behalf. Here in the USA I needed a medical power of attorney when my mother had serious issues. That piece of paper saved her life at least once. I believe 90+% of the medical professionals are caring and skilled people, but they are just human. Overworked, tired, etc. Mistakes can happen. But with your support and watchful eye the odds go in Gails favor.

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