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  1. Giovani Frisene says:

    Happy birthday Neil!!! Just the first of many more to come along with Gleida! Congrats enjoy!

  2. Paul says:

    HI Neil,

    Brilliant to read that you are in Falmouth. I followed your build for a while and then lost track. To hear you are floating and happy is great.

    I had a Tiki 21 and then 31 and always wanted to try out the 38 but no luck as yet. I’m sure it’s in your blogs, but I wanted to ask what your plans are? When and where? Are you off south; poised like a coiled spring in Falmouth.

    I know that area well and spent 4 years doing sail training and charity sailing along the coast and in and out of the riverws. One of my favorite places in the world. You’ll obviously have your sights set on the Scillies – amazing place for a cat.

    Best of luck and maybe our paths will cross next time I’m down.

    Fair winds


  3. Spencer says:

    Good to see you cracking on with the work. I’m sure the forward progress is doing much to lighten your mood and your heart. Good to see the winter doldrums being shaken off. Think about this-you have officially been living aboard Gleda for more than two of the four seasons! You’re halfway through your first year! Soon all of this will be a pleasant memory and you can happily sit in some foreign harbour and tell the story of the building of Gleda–see, I bet you’ve got a little smile starting right now!

  4. NeilH says:

    Thanks Spencer, yep, we’re nearly there, can’t wait!

  5. NeilH says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for that, yep, love Falmouth, got to be one of the best sailing locations in the UK. We no longer make plans because they don’t really match the lifestyle but thoughts at the moment are to head over to Alderney in mid-May, pick up Jake our crew and then head across Biscay as soon as weather allows. Once in Norther Spain we fancy a slow meander down to Portugal and then into the Med, heading towards the Greek Islands. Sounds good eh?

  6. Jacques says:

    Then, in the med; a stop in Baleares and straight to Marseilles to visit?

  7. Roger Lean says:

    Have just come across your blog on the Hebridean. In the process of completing my own & have reached the question of lever arm > How do you find the concept that you have devised.
    Good luck on your adventure

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