Where’s The Boat Gone!

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  1. jon sutton says:

    Heart out of your mouth yet??

    Remind me of the launch date….. would really love to be there if it’s possible

  2. jon sutton says:

    sorry, got it….launch latest etc

    now to find an adjacent campsite

  3. Mark Roope says:

    It was amazing to watch the boat coming together from them first two pieces of wood. I imagine there is blood, sweat and tears built into Gleda. You are now a team and soon you will be together on the sea and it will be her turn to look after you.

  4. Wow, what a transformation! The interior looks splendid! To appreciate the outside you need a bit better lighting, like some tropical sun or something…
    It’s not far away, man!
    Flying to Switzerland in a week, so will be much closer for my ‘spiritual’ presence at the launch! Exciting times!

  5. Luke says:

    WOW!!! This move must have been stressful like hell. WELL DONE !!! I have got one lower hull nearly ready so a bit behind you 😉

  6. Jacques says:

    Beautiful! I know the feeling, and Beat too.

    Seems that the weather is terrible, as usual.

  7. Jacques says:

    You are funny, running with the cradles. Farms are the best places to build. Plenty of tools, machines and good people. Pilgrim Farm was absolutely great.

  8. Darren says:

    Great work mate. Now she looks like a home. I look forward to seeing the pic of the launch. Good luck :o)

  9. Fredrik says:

    Congrats! Gleda is looking really nice!

  10. Spencer says:

    Wow, and wow again! Nice job, Neil! She’s looking splendid and ready to run. I like the finishing touches on the interior. I was shocked just seeing the changes over the past two weeks. Must be a huge jolt to see her moved from the barn! Cheers!

  11. Ken says:

    Terrific, really exciting times. Dead jealous!

  12. great. great. Great

    All the best

    Dirk van Dyke
    From a sailing Trip in Turkey

  13. NeilH says:

    Thanks so much for all the comments guys, it means a lot.

  14. Brian says:

    Congratulations Neil, Sorry we can’t be there. Gleda looks great.

  15. Stewart says:

    Heartfelt Congratulations ! Building a wooden boat is a great personal triumph, she is beautiful, well done! But sharing the story on the internet is a much greater acheivment, thank – you

  16. I´ve been tracking the Gleda Progress but I think there is a lack of detail information…
    When you say you have a cuppa, what exactly you mean by that? What flavor?
    Do you sleep?
    Do you have a clone?
    Just kidding Neil! You are a hero! Congrats!

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