Volunteers Needed!

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  1. John says:

    Hi Neil, just a quick message to say that on the face of it I am not suitable for what you are seeking, whatever that is. I am not on Skype to start with, although I keep meaning to get it set up sometime. I dont really have a dream to ‘sail away one day’, since Josephine and myself have already done that a few times, and I hope will do it plenty more times with whatever boat we have available, even if it is only the small one I built for myself in 1978. OK, our voyages are not accross oceans, and the longest we have so far been away on the boat was about 10 weeks, but with the aid of a car to haul our boat along the roads we can potentially sail anywhere in Europe, which is enough for us for the foreseeable future.

    I do have a dream to build another boat, but more for the sake of having a boat building project on the go, rather than actually for the end result.

    Thanks for your website, I like to follow your progress, which seems to be advancing well these days.


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