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  1. Chuck says:

    I hope you gave Adrian some pointers on getting his website up and running again.

  2. Dirk Van Dyke says:

    Nice to hear, that Janine and Adrian are still in their KIRA Project. All the best

  3. Luke says:

    Cool, I am finally just about to start as well!! Early next year that is 😉 So need to get things going quickly and catch up with both of you guys!!!! 🙂

  4. Neil says:

    Great news Luke! As we say around here; Crack On!

  5. Neil says:

    Cheers Dirk, hope you’re getting on OK despite the weather

  6. Neil says:

    Yeah, I’m going to try and help them get the website back up next week

  7. Dirk Van Dyke says:

    Hi Neil, thx we have 7 degr. Outside and 13 degr. In the Workshop. So no problem with the fast hardener, which Works well above 5 degr., but in the moment Sanding, sanding, sanding and a Lot of dust…..

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