Up The Creek Again

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  1. Philip Ritson says:

    An inflatable Neil? What happened to Oscar?

  2. jon sutton says:

    You poor sod, looks like absolute Hell!

    After 30 years of prevarication, I’ve finally bought a boat myself. I blame you and Dylan Winter of KeepTurningLeft for this.

    Not so keen on an epic build like Gleda, so just a little Westerly Nomad, big enough for one. Requiring a complete refit, described in the broker’s blurb as ‘in need of some recommissioning’………….. classic understatement!

    Will trailer her to home and have her outside the back door for fettleing.

    See what your blog has done? You should be ashamed!

  3. NeilH says:

    Excellent Jon! I have absolutely no problem shouldering the blame!

  4. NeilH says:

    Left Oscar at Weir Quay Philip, she just wasn’t safe enough for the choppy waters of the Tamar. I was given the Zodiac as it had a rotten transom and after a bit of work it’s a much better tender.

  5. Ken says:

    I am excited for you, looking forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures, enjoy it all, you have earned it.

  6. Nicole says:

    Ahem. “After 6 months ‘inland’ with the traffic noise and dirty air” and “What a contrast to the 24/7 noise and light of the marina.”

    If nothing else those two statements should give an indication of much your lifestyle has changed in the last 12 months! Most people go on holiday to Falmouth and comment on the fresh sea air 😉

  7. Philip Ritson says:

    “Left Oscar at Weir Quay Philip, she just wasn’t safe enough for the choppy waters of the Tamar. I was given the Zodiac as it had a rotten transom and after a bit of work it’s a much better tender.”

    Poor Oscar, what design was it? If I recall it was glued lapstrake so I’m guessing a Nutshell Pram.

  8. Philip Ritson says:

    I’ve just checked. It was a Nutshell Pram. That’ll be fair warning to the rest of us then. sometimes these things are not up to the job.

  9. Jon K says:

    I do like the wheels on the transom of the dinghy – neat idea!

  10. Ken says:

    If the inflatable is not Hypelon you will have to protect it against U/V otherwise it will deteriorate quickly when you get to these exotic locations!

  11. Spencer says:

    Good to see the “gal” on the move again Neil. Looks like she weathered the winter just fine. Looking forward to you raising sail and headed south soon. Really too bad you have all that work to do–oh, wait, you’re living on a boat and about to embark on the journey of a lifetime!!! I’m not feeling sorry for you in the least anymore! LOL! Get cracking, you’ve got some adventuring to do, old sod!

  12. Andy says:

    “There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
    A race that can’t stay still;
    So they break the hearts of Kith and Kin,
    And they roam the world at will.
    They range the field and they rove the flood,
    And they climb the mountains crest;
    Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,
    And they don’t know hoe to rest.

    Robert Service.

    Looking very nautical Neil, this is the year dreams and work come to fruition …….how exciting that must be for you?


  13. Elizabeth E says:


    Your ” curious onlookers” are my kind of neighbours!

  14. Philip Ritson says:


    We’ve seen a lot of the outside of the boat since you moved to the water. What’s it like in the hulls? Have you got any photos of the finished interior?

  15. Jacques says:

    I am re masted, ready to launch next week. Let me know when you pass by!

  16. NeilH says:

    Hi Philip, I’ll sort out some interior shots, they’re functional but there’s still a lot of finishing needed!

  17. NeilH says:

    Hey Jacques that’s great news! We’re determined to get to you this Summer so look out!

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