Unexpected Act of Kindness

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  1. Paul says:

    Thanks Eric for taking the time to write to Neil. I too have a lot to be grateful to Neil for. Can I suggest Neil that you place a PayPal link on your website? It is no different to the likes of my peers putting PayPal links on their websites asking for voluntary donations for their software application they have written and made freely available. We are all sharing your dream. Keep your blog alive and keep our dreams alight.

    “How do you eat and Elephant?… One small mouthful at a time!”

  2. Eric Dobson says:

    I too will be returning here when I need a reminder of the deeply meaningful connections that can be made when you reach out with honesty. It’s such a waste to keep good thoughts to yourself!

    I wasn’t going to invite myself, but you can be sure I was thinking of it… I’ll be there! For launch, for a drink in the tropics, whatever works I can’t wait.

    What is it the Buddhists say? All you need to do to be on the path, is take a step on the path. I look forward to seeing your next step!

  3. Neil says:

    Thanks Paul, your comments are much appreciated. I’m still wrestling with the idea of putting a Paypal ‘contribute’ button on the site. As my experience with Eric shows there are circumstances when my conscience allows me to accept donations and as you rightly point out there are other examples online of folks putting something of value out there for free and then making it easy for people to make contributions if they so choose. So I guess the question centres around the value of what I’m putting out and whether that’s for me or others to decide…..hmmm I think I may have just answered my own question!

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