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  1. Chris says:

    Love your blogs. Can’t wait for your book and the cover is great. As for every thing else, just get up and breathe the air and say to your self ” I am living the dream” xx

  2. NeilH says:

    Thanks Chris, glad you appreciate my humble efforts. Don’t worry there’s no danger of me forgetting where I am and what I’m doing!

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Neil,
    The cover is excellent, I’d certainly pick it up. My only small observation is the word “exemplary”. I know you mean it in the sense of “being an example”, which is great, but it does have the other meaning of “being perfect”. I don’t think that’s what you are trying to imply. Please feel free to completely ignore this comment, as it’s probably just me being picky, which I often am (ask my wife…)
    Thank you for continuing with the blogs, I do look forward to reading them. I admire your courage in getting out there and doing it, while so many are happy to talk the talk but never actually do anything. Half a lifetime ago I “cast off” for a year, and I remember one of the scariest things was voluntarily going into a situation where I had no reliable income. As I say, I do admire your courage, and your commitment.
    All the best, I’m really looking forward to buying the book.
    Rob H

  4. NeilH says:

    Cheers Rob,
    Not picky at all. In fact you’ve hit on the one thing I had niggly doubts about myself. I think I’m going to swap out ‘exemplary’ for ‘enlightening’ or ‘inspiring’.
    Thanks again

  5. Great cover. It has plenty of depth so would be inclined to open it up and look inside. Bit biased though as I have always been a sucker for a silhouetted Tiki gaff schooner rig. Agree with the suggestion to swap exemplary for inspiring. Good luck Neil, I really hope this one is a best seller! Cheers, Stew

  6. Chris says:

    Love the cover picture, says to me some sort of voyage of discovery but the wording implies it may be too “self helpy”. I liked the mention of Polynesia on the first cover as that intrigued me and set the book apart. I wanted to read more of your sailing challenges in foolish voyage. One last winger 🙂 The spine font and spacing is a little difficult to read for me. Looking forward to reading it.

  7. Chris Boxer says:

    Hi Neil, best wishes for “living in the present” and cheers for your blog. I’ve been following your progress for years. I know that you put a lot of effort into your writing and I enjoy what you do. The phrases in bold (in your blog posts) I find distracting: the words themselves, without bold, are amply articulate and I prefer, as a reader, to decide whether a phrase is “stand-out” or not. However, I understand your reasons for using bold fonts to highlight phrases- you’re in good company and my view is definitely a minority one. The take-away phrase (not in bold, but you’ll remember it anyway): you are a great writer.
    And you have a ton of material. Stuff we don’t know. (I speak for myself, but guess plenty would concur).
    So, keep at it.

    Re: your book cover. I’d pick it up, for sure. To me, it looks like an eye: both a human eye and the eye of a storm. I see a man fulfilled, standing at the centre of a storm; the the fruits of his years of labour- that divine Tiki -tantalisingly silhouetted in the background.

    Very best wishes to Gleda and her crew.

  8. NeilH says:

    Thanks Stew, feedback much appreciated. Best to you and Zaya

  9. NeilH says:

    Thanks for the comment Chris
    I thought long and hard about the Polynesia cover idea but ultimately felt it was too obscure. It’s interesting that you picked up on the self-help message because actually that’s something I was trying to communicate. This book will be more about the build and my life prior to that. I’m not setting out to write a self-help book but I do want to pass on the life lesson I learned. Boatbuilding books are always going to have a small audience and books about building a Wharram even more so. I want to reach as many people as possible and give value to those with no interest in boats.

  10. NeilH says:

    Hey Chris,
    I really appreciate you sticking with me and thanks for the thoughts on my blog and book cover. I confess to using those bold highlights only because I’ve seen them on other blogs I value. To be honest they’re a pain in the ass to do. I’m thinking they might be dropped.
    Thanks again

  11. Michael West says:

    Hi Neil, another of your blog followers from the beginning here. They are such an email joy after wading through all the spams. Yes, I too think ‘inspiring’ would be better . On the other hand you could have a book cover illustration depicting together the first boat you had – including maybe the one in the bath(!) – then the second , then the third , and so on. Try and get them all in the picture but also showing yourself and the chronological evolution of both boats and man. Your last made me question myself : am I living in the past too much? Occupational hazard at 69 though. May The Force be with you! Kindest regards . Bye for now PS Any chance of visiting you some time maybe autumn-ish? Just for a jolly good chat and maybe a trip round the bay on the Skylark!?

  12. NeilH says:

    Hi Michael
    Great to hear from you and thank for your thoughts. The cover is almost finalised now so I need to concentrate on the words! Really appreciate you sticking with me all these years. You are of course very welcome to visit anytime.

  13. Brad says:

    Neil, re the Cover subtitle – am in agreement on removal of “exemplary”. Enjoying your first book, and your blog, thank you. PS – Just turned 60 myself; have similar concerns as you’ve stated in your blog.

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