Two Become One Again

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  1. Ken says:

    Looking great!

  2. Michael Stephani says:

    Congratulations. She is a real beauty!

  3. Hi Neil,
    Hope you have a good weekend, I have spoken to George.

    And he knows about what I think you should do to lift the boat into the water.

    And we should have thought about it up at the yard.

    Looking at the crane you have there, All I can say is that I hope she is big enough to lift

    Dont want any last minuet disasters do we!

    You could have sailed her out of the yard this week.

    Speak soon Charlie.

  4. Darren says:

    She is beautiful.

  5. Jeff says:


    As a home builder of a similar, but not “modular” sized cat; I would be curious to know your farm to water cost including crane hires, truck services, and boat yard fees? I once owned a 34′ trimaran that the builder had to delay the launch of for several years, apparently because he didn’t have the cash to get it to the water. I’m heading for the slipway with my VARDO Tuesday at first light!

  6. Rob Hughes says:

    Congratulations Neil, she looks stunning!

    Try not to worry too much about lifting her by the beams, the loads they’re built to take at sea are bigger than during a simple lift, and JW designs his boats to be more than strong enough!

    Looking forward to seeing the first pictures of her in the water…

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