Time To Move On

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  1. Dan says:

    Wow Neil! What an amazing journey! I’ve followed you from the early days, watching with admiration as you slogged it out. Dreaming and wondering if I could do the same. And then shocked when you decided to sell. But you are right, life is change 🙂

    I’ve been tempted to comment a few times over the years, but now this is my last chance! I wanted to let you know the positive impact you have had on my life, you are truly an inspiration!

    Just read your bio on your new site and so much of it resonates with me! Will definitely be following 🙂

  2. NeilH says:

    Thanks so much Daniel. It’s rewarding to know that my words have connected with you over the years. I know not everyone likes to leave comments. That’s fine. I’m grateful to each and every person who follows along.
    I’m very pleased to hear that you’ll continue to do so. I’ll be working hard to give value.
    Best wishes

  3. PAUL SCOTT says:

    Hi Neil,
    I have just read your books ( in the correct order 🙂 )
    Just popped in to check on progress with how your story is panning out to date, gutted to hear the gleda project has run it’s course, obviously you have reasons for it’s final chapter. I have dreamt for countless years myself of quitting the rat race and living on board my own boat, since my own navy day’s, your books have been an inspiration maybe not on the self build, but your general can do and bloody well will do attitude I can’t tell you how many times I have smiled and almost cried reading your last book.
    Thanks for writing and showing what can be achieved by your own hands.

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