There’s No Escaping It

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  1. jon sutton says:

    Get yourself a surfboard, dude!!

  2. Dody says:

    Proud you found the “tunnel”, you can’t imagine how many times we came over to SM do Porto to watch winter storms there. We went there to watch and play with the waves, them sometimes rushing through the tunnel and us like little kids running away. Sometimes, when it’s really bad, even big stones being washed along. Very happy you enjoyed SM do Porto!

    Thank you for passing my infos to Gail, feels a lot better now and we all have decided to try to find a way to improve things for sailors who make the way to this lovely place.

    By the way, our Boatfestival has nothing to do with a Regatta. It’s a cruising-sailors come-together, to swap stories, to eat and drink and laugh together, to enjoy, and a boatjumble on sunday. But thanks a lot for the good wishes!

    Hope you have a lovely time in Cascais & Lisboa, and don’t miss Sines and your appointment with Vasco de Gama! I really enjoyed it there!

    Take care xxx

  3. Philip Ritson says:

    I think you are in what our colonial cousins call “the zone … dude!”

    Can’t wait for the next installment..

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