The Universe, Me, And Plan B

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  1. Jacques says:

    Dealing with Harbourmasters is a form of art.

    Specially with a 6 meters wide catamaran. I know that.

  2. Paul says:

    C’est la vie! There’s worse places to spend the winter months. Roll on the Spring eh?
    All the best, Paul

  3. Thomas says:

    Most excellent quick adaptation to the cruising life! Just like that you’re on your way and have arrived at the same time.

  4. Maja@Eginhard says:

    Hey Neil,

    if you stay there until June, we`ll probably come over on our way to Scotland for buying a barrel of Whisky. Hope you have a bottle for the long winter time (having a stove in function??)

    greeting from (not jet cold) Bavaria,


  5. olivier r says:

    N’est ce pas le meilleure endroit pour tester l’étanchéité d’un bateau en Angleterre? Une nouvelle vie est arrivée ici, ou a autre part elle mérite d’être vécue avec bonheur. Le reste est, a part le froid que du blabla. De toutes façon il y a peut être plus de vos compatriotes dans le sud du Portugal. Profites du moment car tu es enfin un marin et un marin est partout chez lui et fait avec le vent et les saisons et prend le bonheur de l’instant. Ce bonheur tu ne pourras pas le rattraper. Ta construction est finie il te reste a savourer le reste sans culpabiliser. Tes choix sont bons et maintenant profite de la vie tous simplement. Bonne a toi Olivier

  6. Ken says:

    The best laid plans of mice and men!

  7. Hi Neil.

    My God is telling me, that you are probably stuck in Wonderful Cornwall,

    So that you can spend some time with your parents while you have the chance!

    Or you may miss this chance later? and then Regret it?

    You know how we think anyway! Good Luck mate. in the words of Mr Grace. “You have done very well”.


  8. NeilH says:

    Isn’t England the best place to test the boats watertightness? A new life has arrived here and it is worth living happily. Anyway, apart from being cold as crap there will be more than your compatriots than in southern Portugal there. Enjoy the moment because you are finally a sailor and a sailor is at home everywhere at home ​​with wind and seasons and takes the happiness of the moment. This happiness is elusive. Your building is finished, enjoy the rest without feeling guilty. Your choices are good and now you can enjoy a simpler life. Best wishes Olivier

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