The Secret To Success

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  1. mike h says:

    Neil, You’ve absolutely nailed it. I refused to look past the page i was working on in the build book as i went completely into overwhelm. It’s one day at a time and keeping a narrow focus and enjoying each step. Took me a few years to learn that in the build. Good lesson for life.

  2. Peter says:

    Happy New Year Neil and Gail! You are special people to adapt to what life throws at you. All the best for the coming year.

  3. Rob H says:

    Happy New Year Neil & Gail!

    Isn’t it interesting that your personal journey goes on even when your boat is tied up in a marina… That’s one of the things that’s so good about taking the brave decision to step outside the norm of ordinary daily life. All strength to you both!

    I love your “frosty” pictures. You’ll look back at those one day when you’re anchored in clear warm water off a sandy beach with palm trees behind, and they’ll remind you there’s beauty here as well.

    Very best wishes for continued success!

  4. Michael Tom West says:

    Happy New Year Neil and Gail ! I am so glad to have got to know you through your writeups. And your last one was ***** in wisdom! Tall trees to you both!

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