The Next Challenge

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Two thoughts come to mind: First, you need to get involved with the locals wherever you are. And second, get away from Europe to places where your money goes further.
    Hope that helps and your pondering a crucial question there!

  2. Cynthia and Jean-Paul says:

    One potential solution : each time you run out of money you put Gleda for six months on the hard and fly back to the UK to work as a contractor. You know the market, you have your network, they know your skills and are prepared to pay for.

    Try to work during winter or hurricanes periods (November to March in the Med, June to November in the Caribbean).

    You will enjoy this huge contrast between work time and real free time.

  3. Philip Ritson says:

    Write some articles for publication. You have an audience. You can do it.

    Get involved in the communities you visit. Work available there.

    Run a charter business for the lonely romantics at heart. One weak on your boat in the med is a paying proposition. Turn it into a floating B&B.

    If all else fails you and Gail could always sell your bodies and go on the game.

  4. Michael Stephani says:

    I would also think about the charter business. You give up some freedom but thats decent money and the people who charter a Wharram are probably a nice bunch. I would love to sail on a TIKI 38 since thats the ship I plan to get in a few years.

    Let me know what you’re rough plans ar for the next 6 months and if you ar interested to take 2 persons aboard for 1 or 2 weeks 🙂

  5. Philip Ritson says:

    Problem with a charter business is the red rape that comes with it. Is Gleda charter compliant? It could be a $30,000 question or a $500 question. I just do not know.

  6. Michael Stephani says:

    Sure… thats the difference between an official business and sailing with friends who btw donate to your lifestyle. I was thinking of a KISS solution.

  7. Philip Ritson says:

    Neil is beyond kiss. He needs an income?

  8. jon sutton says:

    Lots of people looking for a one-way cruise across The Med at the moment, paying cash.

    Or simple piracy…………… ooohh aarhh, Neil lad!! Get yourself an eye-patch and a cutlass :-))

  9. jon sutton says:

    On a more serious tack, i agree with Beat. You have saleable skills and the references (Gleda) to back you up.

    Try to hawk those skills wherever you are, with the locals and with the birds of passage wintering in your area.

    No need to rejoin the ratrace, just keep eyes open for opportunities to make a shilling or two. No need for aggressive self promotion, just appreciate how much help you could be to Northern folk leaving boats in your area.

    That help should come at a (reasonable) cost.

    Failing that, Gail is probably worth many camels and goats in the Sub-Saharan souks, you, sadly, are probably only worth a few pounds of dates and maybe a gerbil

  10. Ken says:

    How about Teaching English as a foreign language?

  11. Philip Ritson says:

    Smuggling was an option in the past. Piracy used to work too.

    Write Neil. It’s what you wanted.

    I’ll give you a push on your first article, “Living with a composts toilet on a live aboard”.

  12. Philip Ritson says:

    Auto correct, I hate it! Composting toilet!completely

  13. Philip Ritson says:

    And there we,go again. Toilet!

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