The New Age of Sail

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Neil – an interesting article for sure but if this is how we are to face the "petro collapse" building methods will need to be modified. Plywood and epoxy will be scarce if even available. As I build my Tiki, I have been envisioning how to to build beyond petroleum. I researched and have applied as many green building techniques to my project but it isn’t easy. There are waterproof soy based glues. These use to be used to make plywood. How about a strip planked boat all glued up with soy glue? The question is what the replace the fiberglass cloth with and what to treat it with. The soy glues are of the foaming type. They need much more clamping than epoxies. I suppose (to answer my own question) that the outside of the hulls could be wrapped in a woven natural fiber and then treated with pitch either from a natural source or scavenged from old oil dumps.

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