Taking A Break

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  1. Philip Ritson says:

    If I had to run out of steam, I’d run out of it there!

    Rest, recouperate and crack on.

  2. jon sutton says:

    No……………. rest, recuperate and crack another bottle of plonk

    Mustn’t rush things!!

  3. Ken says:

    That’s the beauty of cruising, you can stop whenever/wherever you want. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. I have just been on a barge for two weeks and I am knackered (it was enjoyable though). 🙂

  4. Dody says:

    Hi both,

    sooooooo happy you’ve found peace in San Martinho and decided to rest for a bit! Please, relax and enjoy the now and here!

    Again, the last few days by far too many people rushed through Nazare. With nearly each single one it turned out they had left the North where they came from between 3 and 5 weeks ago on their way down to wherever, as if the devil is chasing them. 1 night in port and off they go. “Have you been to the lovely Rias in Galicia?” we ask. Yes, we’ve stayed overnight in the Marina in La Coruña and Baiona. And, have you seen something of Portugal yet? “Oh, yeah, we’ve been to the Marina Douro for one night”.

    I seriously ask myself why these people bother to go cruising if they miss out on all the lovely and interesting bits. Especially when the purpose of their rush is things like having booked a place to stay over winter in the Balearics which they’ve never ever seen before and still don’t know if it’s comparatively cheap or expensive. Just as if it’s the law that you’ve got to haul out for winter and have to book 2 years ahead – if you like it there or not, just for security.

    Wish you a very happy time in San Martinho!

    Cheers & take care xxx

    PS: are you coming back to Nazare for the Boatfestival (15./16. August)? We hope it’s only people like us and our lovely fishermen, strictly non-commercial and only for the fun of it!

  5. NeilH says:

    Thanks Dody, it was great to meet you in Nazare and we share your thoughts on those ‘on a mission’ cruisers. I guess they’re just living their lives on the water the same as they live their lives on land. It seems not everyone can find a way to stop and see how crazy it is.
    Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye, I don’t think we’ll be heading North again for a long while but who knows? As I write this the swell has made leaving Sao Martinho impossible so we may here for a while anyway 🙂

  6. Dody says:

    Neil, I totally agree with what you say. But in a way, I’m not much better at the mo. I so much wanted to see your boat and have a proper look at all these clever solutions, but I was in a real flow at that particular moment with rebuilding Tonga and somehow couldn’t get me to stop. “No worries, you’ll have a look tomorrow.” And when tomorrow finally came you were gone. I’m very upset with myself about it, but, again, this is life.

    After reading what Gail had to say about Nazare, I again got upset with myself. Why didn’t I tell you about the huge fresh fruit-and-vege-and-fish-and-meat-market? Why didn’t I tell you about the 8 butchers we’ve got in Nazare and where to find them? Why didn’t I tell you about the proper super-markets like Lidl’s, Continente, Pengo Doce and Mini Precio we’ve got here and how to get there?

    Too late now, and that’s life as well. Never mind.

    Hope the swell goes down in a few days time for you guys. Just in case it should take longer than expected, I’ve got the ok now from Docapesca: during the boatfestival we’ll have 3 days free of berthing-charges. Boats still have to go through the normal check-in Procedure, but from Friday to Monday they won’t be charged. 8 Miles is not too far away.

    And, please don’t miss the lovely Berlinga-Islands!

    Cheers & big hugs xxx

  7. NeilH says:

    Hi Dody
    Don’t feel bad, if you hadn’t taken the trouble to come and chat to us when we first arrived it’s very likely that we’d have moved on the next morning and not seen anything at all of Nazare. Because of you we stayed and took away some great memories. Thank you.

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