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1657Hrs- Square Peg -Round Hole 0

1657Hrs- Square Peg -Round Hole

Ok not strictly true…. more a rectangular hole in a slightly oval hole but either way it describes what I’ve been trying to do today, namely join up the large curved main cabin roof with the...

1618.5Hrs- Sanding & Filling Decks 2

1618.5Hrs- Sanding & Filling Decks

No photo today not much to see, but I have worked hard getting the decks and tumblehomes ready for the glass tape reinforcing stage. I’ve planed, sanded and filled and rounded off all the edges. Hard...

1612Hrs- Four Tumblehomes On 0

1612Hrs- Four Tumblehomes On

Another heavy session today but I wanted to keep up the momentum and get the four tumblehomes in place. Before I started on them though I took a bit of time to finish and clean up...