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1687.5Hrs – Sneaked In 0

1687.5Hrs – Sneaked In

I unexpectedly managed to sneak in an hour and a half this afternoon and got the lower sections of 4mm ply side deck cut and glued into position on the port hull. I’ll take anything I...

1686Hrs- Over To Portside 0

1686Hrs- Over To Portside

I’m keen to get these tumblehomes and cabin tops done as soon as possible and today I was able to move over the the port hull and make a start joining the two sections of cabin...

1662Hrs- Connecting The Two 0

1662Hrs- Connecting The Two

A good work session today working on the two side decks of the starboard hull connecting the large curved forward section of main cabin roof to the small aft section. I’d successfully joined glued the four...