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2465Hrs – Cool Idea? 1

2465Hrs – Cool Idea?

I’ve pretty much finished cutting out all the plywood for the engine wells, engine boxes, mast tabernacles, mast box etc.etc. And my thoughts are now turning to the deckpod again. This morning I was out on...

Hulls second washed 2

2245Hrs – Second Sanding Done!

Two  heavy work sessions, one on Saturday and one today and I’ve now completed the second sanding and got both hulls washed down again. I’m really pleased to have got this job out of the way...

Shadow Hull 0

2223Hrs- Working In The Shadows

I’ve put in two six hour work sessions over the last couple of days and I’m pleased to say that I’ve now got both hulls second filled. Thanks to Chuck for the tip about lighting the...