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Cabin Glow 0

2263Hrs – On An Even Keel

A bitty day today. The weather was wet and dull as predicted so no surprise that I didn’t think about painting. My first job was to get the hulls sitting secure and level in their cradles after all...

Aft Beam 11112 2

2182Hrs – Movin Along

A cold damp day today so no chance of painting the starboard hull, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do that tomorrow as the forecast is slightly better. I actually had some paid work to do...

Portholes 1 0

2088Hrs – A Happy Ship!

I only had a couple of hours on ‘Gleda’ today. I’m keen to get started on the filling but with other commitments it looks like it’ll be Sunday before I can get started. By way of...

Portside Galley Windows 0

1994Hrs – Glass Reinforcing Completed!

It was back in March and some 129 hours of work ago that I estimated that I had some 223metres (732ft) of joint reinforcement to complete. Today I finally got them all finished. OK not all...

Port Hull Masked 0

1973Hrs – Reinforcement Day

A good solid 7 hours put in today and I’ve knocked off a good amount of glass reinforcement of the port hull joints. Nothing particularly interesting to talk about, you’ve seen it all before. Mask Up,...


1958Hrs – Back To The Important Work

I laughed out load at Jons recent comment on my ‘Secret Project’ post : Very clever …. now stop buggering about earning money and get back to the important stuff!! Thanks Jon, although to be fair...

Portlight Inboard Open 0

Another eBay Bargain

Arrived yesterday, a Bofur opening portlight. This will be fitted in the after end of the galley cabin above the cooker so as to provide ventilation and act as an extractor for cooking smells.


1901 Hrs – It’s A Process

Another good work session completed today and  I got the stern section of the starboard hull all taped up. Pictures on the right show the process, it’s all fairly straightforward but you just have to keep an...

1583.5Hrs- Windows On The World 3

1583.5Hrs- Windows On The World

An excellent work session today, one of those when the mood is good and things just flow. I needed to be confident as I’d decided on another of those ‘heart in the mouth’ jobs i.e. cutting...