Still Moored

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  1. Andy says:

    I’d settle for those views from the office window any day of the week !

  2. Adrian (Capt Pugwash) says:


    What do mean by ‘enough travel’ when refering to the rudders? In reality the most needed is 45 degrees either side of ‘dead ahead’ for the greatest angle with ankerman taken into account. Anything else and the rudders become brakes. When at sea, steering involves maximum movements of about 10 degrees (when not tacking!). I have wind vane steering and this is also making max 10 degree adjustments.

    It will all come together once you get out of harbour. With two engines, manouvering/steering is made easy, even when going down channel, as i have found coming out of my berth. a real boon to steering once the use of one forward, one reversed is mastered.

    Keep going!



  3. NeilH says:

    Hi Adrian good to hear from you. Thanks for the comments, ypu’re absolutely right of course, there’s not much travel needed. In the case of a Tiki 38 it’s about 30 degrees and as I found out today that’s plenty.

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