Still Here!

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  1. David says:

    Yes, we are still here reading. Even with my little one, it ends up with periods of no progress. The nature of endurance. Maintaining a regular day job and life with the addition of a full time boatbuilding job single handed that normally takes a work crew can take it’s toll. Good to see you back at it.

  2. Martin says:

    Hello Neil,

    I’m Martin, from Germany, another builder hoping to start within a view months. I’m glad to see that your project is still going on. Guys like you, Adrian and Cynthia & Jean-Paul are of great help for starters like me. Thanks a lot for spending this extra time besides the build,


  3. Martin (the one from Canada!) says:

    Hi Neil,

    Very glad to see you are still alive and kicking! I figured you must be working on something and I am looking forward to reading you again on a regular basis. I took a (forced) 6 month break on my own project a while ago due to my tour of duty in Afghanistan and that didn’t stop me from re-starting where I left from. Your break is due to somewhat different reasons but you will be right back in the groove soon.

    Once again, welcome back to your own blog.


  4. Nonthwat says:

    Welcome back Neil. I understand your vagueness, I am treading the same path. I’ll Tweet you. All the best, PaulE.

  5. Jacques says:

    Hey Neil,

    I knew you were working behind the scene. The tipping point had been reached a long time ago … My launch will definitively be on June 2010. Right now I am leaving for France for 6 months for work. I will be back beginning of April, a way also to avoid the nasty New Jersey winter.

    Agree with you: Beat and Dave news are an inspiration for me. The way they decribe the qualities of the Tiki38 are music to my ears.

  6. Brian Nelson says:

    Welcome back Neil.

  7. Georges says:

    Bonjour et bon retour.
    I have bought the Tiki 26 plan number 381. I am working on my shop which is only 5 meters long for a 8 meters boat ;-(
    Nice to see you at work.
    Bon courage !
    Ile de la Réunion

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