Spirit Soul and Body Working

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  1. Eric Dobson says:

    I’m glad to see the video. If that’s all the camera you’ve got, don’t hesitate for a second to keep recording and posting more! For further down the road… I will say some of the water scenes, both looking at the surf from above as well as the underwater shote were barely watchable at 360p. Longer term, it really would be worth a camera update, and I’d be thrilled to contribute to a camera fund! I really wish I were in a position right now to send a brand new Sony (they seem to get better reviews than the GoPros), but alas not at this time. In any case, again don’t hesitate for a second to record and share. It’s great to see!

    Also, as a fairly long term follower, I am absolutely thrilled to hear you say more than once recently that you’re focusing on only a month at a time. We all have our own unique hangups, and I know how extremely difficult they can be to overcome. But as a number of commenters have said over the years, you’ll likely be much happier (and probably even get more done) without all the attempts at long term planning and schedules and deadlines. After all, a gypsy lives in the moment!

  2. NeilH says:

    Thanks for the comments Eric. I’ve now updated the post with a new version. It should be a little better.

  3. Eric Dobson says:

    Yep! Whatever settings you changed made a clear improvement. The original maxed out at 360p on YouTube. This one goes to 720. Glad that worked!

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