South Past Finisterre

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  1. Tess says:

    one very proud Mum sitting here, thank you for all you have done for Jake, those sort of friendships are rare and special. Loving the updates on the blog, it sounds wonderful!

  2. jon sutton says:

    I reckon this is all an elaborate hoax, like the moon landings! Although I stood on Gleda’s deck, she wasn’t in the water…………… could have been made of papier mache. Too bloody good to be true!

    Never mind, it’s still an inspiration to those of us who are a couple of years behind you in realising the dream ;-))

  3. Elizabeth and Gary E says:

    Thanks Neil and Gail for the fab insight! That coffee in last shot looks amazing , shall be right there to enjoy a cuppa with you both! Take care and so look forward to your next post. Enjoy and very jealous 🙂

  4. Ken says:

    Not sure where/when you are going – now you are in cruising mode!

  5. Philip Ritson says:

    OK Neil you’re heading into the Med, but remember! Christmas in Jamestown St Helena!

    No more British winters.

  6. NeilH says:

    A bit of a stretch for our first Winter Philip, thinking the Canaries will do nicely this year!

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