She’s On The Road!

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  1. Hi Neil.

    The yard seems to have a big hole left in it tonight.

    I had to drive through the barn that Gleda has sat in for all of them years. to get out tonight.

    And It seems so strange that she now is Gone!

    Good Luck with the Future and I hope all your Dreams come True.

    You know I will always be with you. and don’t loose touch. OK.

    Regards Charlie.

  2. Eric Dobson says:

    Well this is certainly cause for celebration, though really I think that’s true of every step from here to the water! I’m so happy for you and all that you’ve accomplished, and I can only imagine the excitement you’re feeling every day now. Even with the long days and ongoing work, it’s really happening! These are the moments you’ve been dreaming of for years, and again I’m thrilled to see it all coming together.

    As much as we’re all looking forward to longer updates with pictures and video, this is going to happen fast, so just be sure to enjoy things and take the time to soak it in. We’ll still be here once things start to settle and you’re back to regular updates. Congrats!

  3. Philip Ritson says:

    In the words of Monty Python, “you lucky, lucky #@%&*%#”

    You earned it!

  4. Michael Stephani says:

    I am holding my breath. All your work of the last 7 years in the hands of other people. First hanging from the forks getting out of the barn. Now on the road. I will be relieved to see her save in the water…. Pffff

  5. Hi Neil.

    I have a little movie for you to watch?

    Go to YouTube and type in Gleda Away.

    The last few seconds Say It All about the day.


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