Rigging Ready

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  1. Malc says:

    Hi Niel

    Nice to see it surrounded with the wet stuff.

  2. Elizabeth and Gary says:

    How is the aching back today Neil! Nothing that a little pain med can’t handle 🙂

  3. Spencer says:

    Finally surrounded by her natural element! Nice to see. Do us all a favor and don’t start all that blubbering when she does float~~~ On second thought, do all the blubbering you want, I think we all agree that you’ve earned it. Just think, from now on you get to do all the work listening to the tide lap against her hulls. That has to be a really satisfying feeling! Congratulations again.

  4. NeilH says:

    Captain Morgan spiced seemed to help Gary 🙂

  5. Elizabeth and Gary says:

    Oh excellent Neil, nothing like a nice spiced dark rum to fix you up! Rum and sailing do go together …perhaps while reading Master And Commander!! Gary likes his with lots of fresh lime and tonic when we are tucked into an anchorage on Georgian Bay! Feel better! E

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