Past and Present

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  1. Rod McLaren says:

    Taking responsibility for one’s own imprint on out Earth Mother – YES! in total agreement, and never more so than in these days of uncertainty. We have not chosen the open ocean (yet – the Mana was not designed for that purpose) but we now have 40 solar panels on the house roof, and we collect our rainwater for the fresh produce that we grow each season and some of that produce is dried/frozen/preserved to take us part way through the Canadian winter. We are nowhere near self-sufficiency but we hope that the small steps that we have taken may have a positive influence on others to consider their own food sources and their dependence on others, and in that way collectively help to make our modern society more resilient. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Neil, and I look forward to hearing/reading more.

  2. Amazing video! The echo inside the boat in construction was terrific.
    Its sounds a very good and sustainable way of living.

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