Now, Where Was I ?

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  1. Paul says:

    You website looks the biz! Glad to see Gleda getting some attention at last. Good one Neil!

  2. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    Always difficult to resume when stopped for a while. I know it. I am on the last finishing line. Yesterday i had one engine running and tuned for the remote control. I am waiting for the cables on the other. The next big step will be to raise the masts. I have to wait for my ropes and blocks to do it. Then testing the sails. Only after that I will sandblast and paint them.

    So many details. I will launch her at minimal for sure. The plan is to store her for the next winter here in NJ, dry docked. Next spring, I will cross to Marseilles where I live now. You will be then welcome to visit and have a ride (Ryanair are cheap no?).

    Decks are a big job. I remember being very worried about “closing the box”. What if everything was twisted and nothing matches? Did not happen, it closed just fine.

    Go Neil. You have to finish it.


  3. Hey Neil
    It looks like I’m not the only one puffing a big sigh of relief to see you back on track!
    Congratulations. Looking back at the sandwich deck construction I would consider the option of building them in place. You’d have to find your own way, with internal braces for example, but I’m sure there must be a better way (for once!) then what’s in the plans.
    We’ll be continuing out journey this Summer. The way it looks as of now (I stopped believing in any plan a while ago…) we’ll be leaving Hawaii for French Polynesia. The only thing missing from it is what you have been cracking your head about while away from the build: Money! Can you live happily without it? We’ll see,,,

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