Nous Sommes En France

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  1. You seem to be having a jolly good time. It sure makes our sitting high and dry here a bit more bearable! Way to go!

  2. Matt says:

    Fantastic job! Crazy to be there after starting with two chunks of wood in a barn all that time ago…

  3. Jacques says:

    Super. Enjoy Brittany, this is the best for sailors.

  4. Ken says:

    Enjoying your “prattling” so keep it coming. Your experiences so far have already justified your choice of boat.

  5. Nicole says:

    Félicitations! Les aventures ont vraiment commencé maintenant. Très jalouse alors de la vie sur mer. Faut que je vienne piquer un peu de cette vie aussitôt que possible! xx

  6. jon sutton says:

    je suis vert avec envie.

    oreille la trompette de ma grand-mère a été frappé par la foudre sur le passage à niveau

    ‘O’level French was a very long time ago……………and I failed

  7. Philip Ritson says:

    Well that’s it, tell the inland revenue you are officially abroad on your yacht!

  8. Fredrik says:

    So wonderful to read about the start of your adventures with Gleda. I think it is us, who read your blog, who have the biggest respect and admiration for your hard work and determination. This is great! Keep it coming!

  9. Spencer says:

    Never apologize for being too long-winded. How else are the rest of us supposed to imagine ourselves there beside you? Nice to see your voyage going so well!

  10. Vishnu says:

    Hi – you kindly invited me & friend Sue aboard at Weir Quay, shortly after the launch last year. I’ll confess now that when Gail told me the extent of her sailing experience I was stunned into silence & felt my jaw drop to the floor! Since then I’ve followed her entertaining tweets & blogs as well as yours & so it was this morning that I learnt you’d safely arrived in La Coruna. I really am so happy for both of you but particularly for Gail – that’s just brilliant. (Of course from what I could see you seem to have chosen a very good weather window for a Biscay crossing but I’ll wait to read your account of that :o)

  11. NeilH says:

    Hi Vishnu, thanks so much for your words really appreciate it

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