Non Productive Night

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Neil – Porter Cable makes a sweet 4 1/2" panel saw that is worm drive. It works well for cutting curves and you can buy blades with inwarded bevelled teeth so no splintering. Yes you’ll need to get some plywood blades for the jigsaw. One bummer about jigsaws is they don’t cut square as in when you cut a curve the lower end of the blade wanders. If you cut for long enough and the blade heats up it will permanently bend. The way I avoided splintering the ply faces was first coating the whole sheet of plywood. Each face completely wets out with about 150ml of epoxy of you squeegee and foam roller backroll. In the long run you’ll get better economy of the epoxy and the coverage is consistent over the extent of the sheet. Good luck and enjoy the holidays


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