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  1. jon sutton says:

    I thought the standing rigging for a Wharram would be cheap……… knitted from dried sea grass, rolled into yarn on the thigh of some dusky island maiden.

    Glad things are progressing despite a bout of PMT

  2. Elizabeth and Gary Ertel says:

    Do not worry Neil, a light from the shadows shall spring bringing new found strength to ” get the job done”! You are almost there!

  3. Thomas says:

    Ah the fun begins – fitting out. Get the basics done and then go sailing. You’ll figure it all out. Speaking of that even though I launched Tsunamichaser almost 7 years ago (I think?), I only just finished installing and wiring permanent running lights yesterday! Getting into some of the spaces now makes me wish I’d done that years ago BUT I would have got it wrong. SO instead I spenbt the day doing “boat yoga” contorting myself in all sorts of ways unknown to man to drill holes, epoxy holes run wire, connect wire and dream up new projects. Gleda looks amazing in her “crib”. Sitting in the mud is a baby step to floating on a mooring!

  4. Ken says:

    Ah, the joy of boats – the job list. It doesn’t matter if the boat is new or thirty years old every boat has one!
    Seriously though, don’t worry, just prioritise, although I am sure you are itching to get out for your first sail.

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