More Tiki 38’s On The Water!

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  1. Peter Ross says:

    Congratulations Jacques!!! Terrific video- beautiful boat- looks like everything is working properly- the shots of her sailing are fantastic- (Neil- I can see why all you T38 builders choose this boat). Thanks for posting the video.

  2. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil, thanks for posting this video. I am now leaving US for France, the boat being drydocked for 10 months before preparation for the crossing. At one point you have to work!

    I am slowly coming back to the Internet, computers, news etc… All my mind was on this launching and the management of the boat.
    A fantastic month, very rich and exciting. Pilgrim has been above my expectations. She made me discover many things about myself, friends (a lot of them), family and the incredible power of a project for bringing people together. I do not how I can thank for all the help I got. I feel so lucky.

    May be the way to do it will be to help another builder in the future.

    Go Neil, the completion is actually one of the best moments of a building. Prepare it well.


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