May Or May Not

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  1. jon sutton says:

    Glad you’re progressing. I look forward to an on depth review of Lewis, am considering one myself in due course.

    Puns not intended!

  2. Ken says:

    Good to hear of your progress.
    Looking forward to hearing about your sailing trip across the channel.

  3. Jon K says:

    It was good to see you both. Thank you for the tour. Gleda is even more impressive in the “flesh”!

    Look forward to reading updates from sunnier climes!

  4. Spencer says:

    Hoping this will be your last post from Merry Ol’ England! Hoping you get out into the Channel and never look back, other than to check on Lewis every so often. Your dreams are becoming a reality at last. I’m so very happy for you and that you’ve shared it all with the rest of us as you went along. Fair winds and following seas!

  5. Jon K says:

    Did you know Gleda makes a Cameo appearance in Hanneke Boon’s recent video at 4:52?

  6. Philip Ritson says:

    Braye Harbour, Alberney will be a good test. it’s an old Anglo-centric adage but true nonetheless. If you can sail in the English Channel and survive the challenges it presents, you can sail anywhere in the World.

  7. Trevor says:

    Best if luck with the crossing folks, looking forward to your next update.

  8. Darren says:

    Great to see all you progress , it has beena joy watching youe build over the years.

    Good luck with you channel crossing. I smile when I remember the 1st time I did it. It was like playing the old game frogger with the cars being replaced with 10,000 ton ships and me as the frog !

  9. NeilH says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, as you may have seen there has been a slight delay due to weather but we’ll be there soon!

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