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  1. Nonthawat says:

    Good on ya Neil,

    I wish I could follow your path but, with two small children I to take things a little more conservatively. I too am breaking into the internet marketing world. Perhaps we can share notes? Please feel free to PM me.

    All the best,

  2. Adrian says:

    Good decision, good decision, good decision!
    It really boils down to how you value your time, and how you value your money. I bet there have been times in your life, perhaps when you had a young family, when money was more valuable to you than your time. Since Gleda has been conceived, I guess that time is now more valuable to you than having a healthy bank account.
    In the end you have come to an ideal scenario; 3 days working and the 4 remaining 4 days of the week for life and Gleda building.
    Well done. The Gleda project has once again got "success" written all over it!
    Best wishes
    Adrian (kirabuilding) Hall.

  3. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil

    Congratulations for taking the bull by the horns, took a lot of bottle and I applaud you for your decision, the rolling contract could not have worked out better for you. Will be watching your blog with interest and wish you the very best of Btitish.

    All the very best


  4. Adrian Honeybill says:


    Well done with your decision. Now you can really enjoy the rest of the build and then get sailing. I agree with the comments about retirement. I will be working until I ‘pop my clogs’ due to pensions shot to hell and the need to have motivation to get me out of bed. Working to meet a specific goal and get paid for it does not mean working 5 days a week and taking off a two day weekend. Why not work flexibly and do 1 day one week and 7 the next? You have the best of all solutions!

    My situation has changed and I am now with Dee, who is enthusiastic about sailing. We are building sea time in Ateya IV and Dee completes her RYA Competent Crew course this weekend. Dee is also a demon chef!

    I will try to get to see you soon.

    Best wishes


  5. Dave Vinni says:

    Hey Neil
    Great decision, the Universe is certainly looking after you!! Its a funny thing but yotties once they make the commitment to go sailing do seem to get taken care of.
    We are in Tonga now having had quite a rough passage from Bora Bora. Shauns, my partner has been offered a job in NZ as head of maths at an Auckland high school. Yup the Universe is back at work again so our income needs are now taken care of. Whether I can get back behind a desk again is another matter!!

    Take care and keep up the good work, Gleda will be finished before you know it.

  6. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Neil, Excellent decision. Since I built Tsunamichaser, which I left a real job to do and paid for it and life by selling my monohull, it’s been a string of contract jobs. Having spent the last 3 months sailing first on Aluna, then in my Gary Dierking canoe and finally on Tsunamichaser, I can truthfully say it works. I’ve met new people have new leads as to where to go next and how to pay for it. I love and really don’t see going back to THE MAN. Dust off the cobwebs, fire up the epoxy making machine and get out there. No regrets.

    Good Luck Thomas

  7. Martin says:


    once again, very happy to see that things are looking better now for you. You had me slightly worried for a while (that you may become a statistic, the overwhelming proportion of boatbuilders that start but never finish).

    The coincidence of your timing is also phenomenal. I too informed my employer of almost 20 years (the Canadian Forces) that I was going sailing at the end of my current contract (20 years), in less that 6 months now. I had an amazing military career but time to do something else whilst I still have a few good years in me. All I will have is the safety net of a small military pension but after that, we shall see. I will not stop "working" (whatever that will mean in the future) otherwise I will be bored silly. Time will tell but last time I checked, I still have 2 good hands and a brain that works. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I can also enjoy at least a couple of years cruising with my fantastic wife and my 2 great teenagers. They will be 15 and 13 by the time we leave so time will go too fast before they fly on their own wings.

    Anyways, keep us all posted and good luck with the renewed focus on finishing Gleda!


  8. Jacques says:

    Well done Neil,

    Your employer is smart.
    I have always thought that the working world had one big purpose: destroy your personal life, so you work more hours and are supposedly more productive. In the brainwashing mode. What they don’t realize is that people get burned out and disgusted, may be it does not matter because they can then replace the worker. I doubt though that the productivity gains are there: everybody loses.
    Anyway, each time I tried to get a 3 or 4 days week work it has been a no no. So bravo, bravo bravo to you and your employer, this is the way to go, and I am sure that your employer will find out that being in a great mood because you can move on your personal project you will be very productive, and you will be a very happy guy. It is a win-win situation. That really puzzle me that in a world were work is being scarce nobody wants to share it.

  9. Christian Bodart says:

    And you are going to look younger too!!!

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