Lost And Found

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  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Neil,
    I have started following your blog and hats off to you along with every other compliment that can be given to someone who gets as far as launching a boat they have built. There are definitely several phases to the transition from dreaming to planning to building to finishing to living the dream. These stages seem logical and simple to state, but as i have come to realise each needs it’s own transition phase to make it real and part of your every day life. I’m just at the start of a similar journey, and after having procrastinated for a year have finally taken that ‘first step of the journey’ – loads more to say on that subject and many more – but was thinking about your problem outlined in this post and thought that your are a boat builder – there are many boat builders in Falmouth. If you google boat builders Falmouth it will come up with a list of them, I even went for an interview with Cockwells a few years ago. Could be an interesting angle for you ? Unless you’ve had enough of building boats, they do often have short term positions for project work. All the best and I hope the nights don’t get too cold !

  2. NeilH says:

    Cheers Adrian, much appreciate your thoughts. I actually go out of my way to say that just because I’ve built a boat I’m not a boatbuilder, that’s a whole different level of skill I think. That said you’re right in that I’ve got some skills that might be of use so thanks, I’ll put that one into the idea pot. Glad you’ve made your own first step towards a dream, I’d love to hear more but whatever it is go for it!

  3. Ken says:

    Good luck with the job hunting. One of my biggest issues is how to fund cruising time and I am still working to build up funds. I imagine its a big issue for many would be cruisers.
    With the terrible weather it can only get better once you do eventually head south!


  4. Simon Roberson says:

    Hi Neal,
    I found your website a few weeks ago and have been reading through the blogs with great interest.What an amazing boat and all built in a barn not far from me(Worcester).I have been dreaming of building a yacht myself and never considered a cat until now, I am new to sailing and have only heard negitave stuff about cats but the wharram seems very seaworthy.Not sure I have the money, time or dedication to build a boat as good as yours, I will try your free writing idea that may help.
    It must be difficult having no money left after all that hard work, I’m sure something will turn up at least you had the balls to do it leave the rat race behind!!!!
    I will buy a lottery ticket on the way home from work and if I win the jackpot will give you half solve both our problems

  5. jon sutton says:

    “I’m writing this sitting in the nav station aboard Gleda.”

    That’s the point…………. you’re not writing it sat in some rented semi in the middle of England.

    After years of fretting over my glass half full or half empty, I fixed the problem by getting a smaller glass ;-))

    If things get too tight, you can always try selling your body!!

  6. Darren says:

    Hello Neil,

    I have followed your blog for a long time and read it from beginning to end, you have accomplished so much, you have my total respect sir. I have no doubt at all that you will accomplish your goals.

    As to work , thinking out side the box a little have you considered The rock of Gibraltar ?

    I work on the Rock and while the downturn has bitten here as well they is more work than the UK on the whole particularly in the on line gaming industry.

    The best thing is there is three marina on the rock and other just over the border in Spain and you are in the Med all ready :o) The weather is so much better , true it is raining here as well but I do not have heating in the house or need to wear a jumper.

    Just something to think about , good luck and know we are routing for you.

  7. philp ritson says:

    Neil your next big project is Gleda’s first cruise in the spring.

    Start working on that, i.e where are we going, how will we finance it, etc.

    In the meantime, figure out how you’re going to heat your boat this winter!

  8. Neil,

    You could always seek a job as a boat builder/marine carpenter…

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