Like Sand Through The Fingers

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  1. Jacques says:

    Well, a great deal of plans buyers are 50 years old. At this age, something happens: you have some juice left but not that much time. In other words “it is now or never”. That’s the way I thought about it. Then, like Neil, some luck in finding the right place and here you go. I will never be grateful enough to Dave the farmer in New Jersey who let me pollute his land for 5 long years. He never let me down and on the launch day gave me such a hug that I felt I had broken ribs.

    Beautiful, priceless.

  2. Bob Bois says:

    As you might have noted on WBF, our building shed was completely demolished by a bad winter storm here in New England. Luckily, we didn’t have the backbone of our Tiki 46 standing on the lower bulkheads. Now, we must wait for spring to rebuild, but we aren’t deterred. In fact, our insurance paid the loss, so we will build another, more winter-worthy shed that will allow us to heat it and build all winter. Already friends and family have contacted us to offer their help this spring to re-erect the building shed. It will be like a weekend barnraising. As Jacques said, ‘it’s now or never’. By the way – today is my 50th birthday and I feel the need to get to see on our family-built boat. Thanks for a great post, Neil. Cheers, Bob

  3. Neil says:

    Thanks Bob, I’m sorry I did hear about your shed being demolished and I meant to post my sympathies but didn’t get round to it. Im glad you’ve got plenty of help though and it sounds like it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise coemnexyt winter. Its interesting isn’t it? Jaques noted that many plan buyers are 50 ish, I was 50 when I started Gleda and congratulations! you’ve hit the magic half century too! Guess there’s something in it eh?

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