Landlocked No More

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  1. Chris Boxer says:

    Words cannot express my admiration.
    Soon, you’ll hear the lulling song that the waves sing, as they lap at Gleda’s hulls…
    In the meantime, I wish her crew a well-deserved sleep.

  2. Eric Dobson says:

    Carolina and I did a little cheer right here in the tea shop when I read your post. We look forward to updates from The Gleda Project for many years to come. Congratulations!!

  3. Ian Bamsey says:

    Well done Neil. I can imagine it was an emotional moment. All the best and thanks for the hospitality last Saturday.

  4. Andy says:

    A logical transition. You have gone from land and now to mud. Mud is a combination of land and water. It is logical the final step is 100% water!

    You did it Neil!

  5. Elizabeth and Gary Ertel says:

    Ahhh Mother Nature will be on your side Neil…we have faith! You will be feeling the calm of the water beneath you before long. Congrats!

  6. Chuck says:

    A big Texas YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaa! (Even if I’ not from Texas).

  7. Darren says:

    Congratulations !

    One hell of a achievement. Well done sir.

  8. Thomas says:

    Neil – I know you Brits don’t high five! But I’m sending you one anyway. Effin A mate and don’t forget to set an anchor! By the way, here in Seattle, it’s Tiki Tuesday. We’ll be gathering in the boat shed for our weekly fix. Sometimes that means boatwork and sometimes that means drinkwork and lots of times in drinkboatwork. Don’t know that we can handle a Tiki 38 in the shed but there’s a crowd of helping hands if you ever get this way and need them. We’ll be celebrating your launch with some good beer and some hard cider tonight.

  9. Andy says:

    Congratulation son achieving not only your dreams, but mine as well !

    At high tide, does she float enough that you can slowly pull her out to deeper water ?

    I love the hard hats, that’ll stop a falling Tiki !

    I can’t stop thinking, “the boat is twice the size of the crane !”

  10. What a great moment in a builders live!

    Fair winds, Dirk

  11. Olivier says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Attention à la dépression après accouchement. Un peu de repos et laisser redescendre la pression pour profiter pleinement de ce bonheur.

  12. Paul says:

    Full marks Neil! A big WELL DONE! Enjoy the rest of the summer. Great sailing down your way. All the best, Paul.

  13. Ken says:

    Great stuff. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  14. Jacques says:

    Bravo. You will need decompression after that. Not kidding: i got two serious sailing incidents just after launching:
    1. collision with Ann and Neville T46 which could have turned very bad.
    2. collision with a big channel marker near Verazzano Bridge where I almost lost Pilgrim.

    I was just completely out of my mind and so happy that I was not paying enough attention.

    Again: bravo.

  15. Darren says:

    A question if I may when you get time mate :o)

    I take it you did anti foul her but did not get a change to show it , what anti foul did you use please ?

    thank you !

  16. Peter says:

    Absolutely Fantastic Neil!! Been following your for awhile and, with your determination, getting her into the water was never in question- just a matter of time. Congratulations- looking forward to news of her sailing!

  17. Fredrik says:

    This is wonderful. Congratulations! SKÅL! (or cheers! 🙂

  18. Brian says:

    High 5’s, Fist bumps, pints raised…or in my case the morning cuppa (coffee). Congratulations and thank you for continuing to inspire those of us who stare at the design book and study plans and plot/plan/and dream.

  19. Philip Ritson says:

    Oh Sh#t, waiting for the tide. Elation and fear all in one. How will she float?

    If you’ve ever had kids, you know what I mean. Enjoy it Neil!

  20. jon sutton says:


    wonderful to see you at the weekend

    good luck for the future

    looking forward to many more installments of the ongoing adventure

    truly inspirational so far!

  21. Spencer says:

    Out-freakin’-standing!!!! Congratulations to you. You have reached the pinnacle of the build cycle. You have officially moved on to the fitting out stage and then on to departure. I am so glad that I found your blog in time to share this moment with you and Gail. You have a whole world of adventure ahead of you. Fair winds and following seas, friend! You are an inspiration to a lot of people.

  22. mike says:

    Congrats Neil!! You have been an inspiration throughout your build.

  23. David Halladay says:

    !!!!!Most Bitchin man!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!

  24. Cynthia and Jean-Paul says:

    Congratulations Neil, what a big step for Gleda and for you.

    By the way, your first name (written with others on our hulls) crossed the Atlantic those last two weeks from Bermuda to Flores – Azores.

    Next time you will cross in person 🙂

    Cynthia and Jean-Paul

  25. NeilH says:

    Hey great to hear from you both. I’d not forgotten that my name is on your boat and I’m very proud of it! Congratulations on a successfull crossing, I very much look forward to catching up with you aboard ‘Gleda’ someday soon.

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