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  1. Tess Woodnutt says:

    Hi, I am Jake’s Mum, and a very proud one too! Thank you for your lovely comments about Jake, he pushed himself to finish and launched A Roamer of Alderney based on your projected launch dates in the hope that he could make it over. On a project such as this we all need goals and deadlines, and nothing would ever happen if it weren’t for the last minute! Good luck with the launch and especially with your new life on board. I am sure you’ll have a fantastic time, and wish I could’ve had the same opportunity (26′ is a little too small for anything much more than camping holidays!). Hope you can sail over to Alderney one day, it would be lovely to meet you! Tess x

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Tess. Thanks for the invite. Neil and Jake have already been talking about us coming over which I’d very much like. A Roamer is a great achievement both for you for building and Jake for restoring. I haven’t yet been aboard but she’s a very pretty boat. You’ll see from Neil’s post today that Jake has again been invaluable in helping get the boat to this stage. It’s a shame Jake won’t be here to see her put in the water next week. It’s aso a great help for Neil to have someone who knows what they are doing. Look forward to meeting you in Alderney later in the year. X

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