Inching Forward

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  1. Jacques says:

    "stopping becomes unthinkable"

    Yes, there is a sort of tipping point where you think the cost of stopping would be too high (pride, money, time invested …). For myself, I would place it at the end of the bottom hulls where I almost gave up. Since then, no way … Support of fellow builders is priceless, I think of Ann and Neville who regularly visit me and give me a lot of motivation. But also friends who lend me tools, make me difficult parts (ss steel etc), provide me with fuel for the heater, just pass by and bring coffee, Dave the farmer who is always here to help. For them too, I cant give up.
    I have reached a difficult point of the building: the boat looks complete, but actually nothing is finished: every piece has to be re-examined, adjusted, eventually fiberglassed, faired, painted. There are parts everywhere and I am short on space. On the top of it, I have many expenses on parts I cannot do myself. And the big ugly cold is already here, slowing everything to a crawl.
    I keep in the corner of my brain a launching date for next summer, that keeps me going.

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