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  1. Cornelia Chatelier says:

    Dear Neil, I am sorry to hear you are going to sell your lovely boat Glenda! You worked so hard on her. I hope that you will still be happy on land!
    Trevor and I wish you you both all the best and I will miss reading your blogs! Even though I normally read them late! It is just getting the time to sit and enjoy them!

  2. Chris Boxer says:

    It turns out that my intuition was right: I thought that the recent long silence on the blog seemed ominous. What a decision, Neil.
    As a long-term reader of your blog, and a fan of your books, I salute you for the inspiration that you have given me and many others.
    Very best wishes at what must be a difficult time.
    Please continue to write. You have that skill, among many others. Fair winds, my friend. I hope we meet one day. I owe you many a cold beer!

  3. NeilH says:

    Hi Cornelia and Chris. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Don’t worry. Gail and I are fine. We’re all in the same boat aren’t we? It’s called life. It throws different challenges at us all in so many unexpected and sometimes unwelcome ways. I know you’ve had to face your own.
    I’ll be back blowing and writing soon. The sun may be setting on my ‘Gleda’ project, but I’m not done yet. I’ll be staying foolish!
    Thanks again and look after yourselves.

  4. Peter R says:

    Neil- It has been exciting to see Gleda grow from wood frame in a barn in London to living boat in Spain. I hope you will continue writing and keep your online friends up to date on your’s and Gail’s adventures- on land or at sea. Best of luck with whatever is currently changing your direction and thank you for sharing so much here.

  5. Peter Crutchley says:

    Hi Neil, I have only just discovered you and your project, fantastic achievements including your foolish but amazing adventure ..
    I’m a few years older than you but can relate to do many of your experiences. I wish you well on the next leg of your journey, I would like you to know that you have been inspiring..
    Kind Regards, Pete

  6. Andy Rudd says:

    No, No, No!!!!!!! You can’t sell Gleda – there must be another option. You’re dream has to succeed – or the rest of us will stop believing it can happen. A selfish thought I know, but you can’t let it happen. Can’t you charter her? Or offer holidays to would be gypsies (like me). Have just finishing reading your 2 book on the kindle, dreaming of what can happen, so please let the next chapter be a happy one.

  7. Les Chapman says:

    Hi Neil, just got the news of you selling off Gleda. Marie and i are shocked to hear of this decision as we put you down to long long time sailors and were looking forward to catching up with you guys somewhere down the line. Good luck with your new adventure .

  8. Brad says:

    Sure would like to be the one to take over your adventure!

  9. Spencer says:

    Hi Neil- I’m so sorry to hear this news. I had truly hoped that you would be writing from the confines of Gleda for a long time to come. But, as you say, the winds do change, and we have to adapt. I know that this is a hard blow to take, and following you through the years, I know the tack your mind can possibly take at a time like this. Do yourself a favor and remember all of the positives that YOU have created in your life over the past eleven years. You started with nothing more than a dream and look where you ended up. You have made a plan (a rather ambitious one by most peoples’ standards), built a boat from scratch, met and courted a wonderful lady, put said boat to sea, and have successfully lived aboard and sailed her for several years! You sir, have participated in an adventure that most would never dream of doing, let alone embark on! None of those are simple feats and you are to be highly commended for your accomplishments. I wish you and Gail the very best of luck in your future adventures, and hope to see them continue in this blog or another. Ever thought of building a caravan from scratch? Best Wishes

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