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  1. Greg Stewart says:

    That’s some pretty heavy stuff Neil but you are absolutely right. It is very sad. It makes me ashamed of my species. What will we tell the Aliens who must surely be of higher intelligence…LOL

    Governments often create problems so that they can enact laws that limit our freedom which they wish to deny us. They want complete control and only their ideology. I cite the war on drugs and terrorism they use to keep track of our money, enact things like the patriot act and invade our privacy. Soon we will all be chipped willingly because they will have convinced us it is the right thing to do. It is very sad. Thinking about it too much is unhealthy. I share your pain and applaud your efforts to shed light on the horrible people we ourselves elected to govern us.

    I fear the general public will not listen. It is too scary for them to face the truth. The Hierarchy of Needs by Maszlow places security as essential to our well being. I think people will choose to believe anything that provides security. They will deny facts. They will tell themselves it is all part of God’s plan. They will not challenge anything that could possibly disturb their false sense of security. I think that is the root of most of humanity’s problems.

    The war on drugs was being created while tons of cocaine were being brought in by covert operations to fund the freedom fighters of Nicaragua. This did make the news for about two days and nothing more was heard of it. It was called Whitewater. Then Oliver North took the fall in order to distract the people from the real story. If you want to see for yourself there is an abundance of information on you tube and elsewhere. Movies were made and yet still nothing was done. The key words are Mena, Arkansas, Compromised: Clinton Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed and John Cummings.

    I have to warn you it is all very depressing and there is not much we can do. In fact it could be dangerous to even talk about. We have to keep our chins up and say the serenity prayer as necessary.

    I have thought about writing an apology to future generations so those of us who understand these things can sign it. I would hope it might reach hundreds of millions of signatures. I would expect this apology to be many pages of both the actions we are sorry for and advice for the future.

    Leaders should not be incentivised by material gain to lead. Power and greed are what megalomaniacs and sociopaths seek and therefore many leaders fall in to those categories. They are naturally drawn there by their sickness.

    Have you heard of the horrible disease called More. It is staring us in the face yet goes un-diagnosed. It is leftover instinct from primal times when survival was much harder and therefore is primal behaviour. It is not the mark of an evolved species or self actualised individual.

    Many of us feel the same way as you do about all of these atrocities. No one knows what to do. We fear for our lives. We are labeled conspiracy theorists, paranoid, misanthropes or worse. A letter of apology such as I have described would be most effective and safer if anonymously distributed through the www but I don’t know exactly how that would work.

    Hakuna Matata,


  2. Jacques says:

    Well said

  3. Paul says:

    Children dying is horrible. Sad little kids experiencing the worst. Experiencing things, that the rest of us as living humans have not yet experienced. Children should not have to experience that.

    But they do…. children in even 1st world countries – with cancer, bone disease, some born sick and die. Blown up at a concert. Taken. Sold drugs to, some are born dead. How is that right?

    To rise above the continual conundrum, we should explore the macro.

    My good friend Fraser (an excellent sailor now in his eighties who I once delivered boats with) once told me on a cold clear star filled night out at sea that he thought that mankind would one day crumble and that was natural. But he was confident that no matter how polluted it was that the world would eventually repair itself. Fraser is much wiser than me in all things thalassic and I think he thought about this stuff a lot. When you consider the age of the earth, the fact people have only inhabited it for a mere snapshot of its lifecycle, and that our lives are a mere snap shot of that. What is important is the now.

    Once you have made the most of the now, no one can take that away. We are lucky to have the now. We know it won’t last forever and that is probably what makes it so special.

    So lifes a journey. A very fast one. There are no survivors. It is but a mere opportunity to enjoy what is now.

    I don’t think that Self Actualisation actually exists btw. If it does it would be very close to that feeling you get when the wind lifts your sails and you feel the boat move forward and you feel at one with the waves. You all know what I mean.

    Other than that, it is only the now.

  4. Beat says:

    Thanks for the wake up call, Neil, always desperately needed! We can and must do something about it.
    Just got an email from a good friend who is, with this beautiful sentence:
    When you find the answer, do not bother to tell me…just LIVE it!!!

  5. Andrew Waterman says:

    Thanks, Neil.

  6. Catherine Day says:

    Well said, Neil. A sharp contrast with the self-serving inward-looking drivel we are being subjected to by our so-called leaders in their scramble for re-election. I agree that the mess is largely caused by the utterly corrupt oil and banking industries. I am ashamed that my only tangible response is hand-wringing.

  7. DecB says:

    It is hard to know what the ultimate solution is. Butility more public awareness has to be a good thing

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