How’s It Looking?

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  1. Adrian Hall says:

    Q. How’s It looking?
    A. Its looking great!

    I really enjoy your blog so thanks for keeping it up. You know that I blame you entirely for getting me into this madness of boatbuilding. If I hadn’t googled “Wharram” back in 2006, I would never got into this mess!
    It is nice to see you making steady progress. Wherever and whenever, you choose to launch Gleda (next year?) Janine and I will be there with a bottle of champagne to help you celebrate.
    I’m off now to sand a bit of wood. Its a long road ahead.

    Adrian (Kira) Hall

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Adrian, glad to hear it!
    I know you’re making great progress but I refuse to take any blame for your suffering, I was just minding my own business, it’s not my fault that others with a similar illness found me!
    By the way having read your post the other night about keeping things in place whilst the epoxy goes off I hace to say that the hot melt glue gun I acquired a few months ago is an absolute gem for making jobs like that easier. A few blobs here and there do the job a treat

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