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  1. Adrian Hall (Kira) says:

    Hi Neil, good to see you back. I like the new blog appearance; much easier to read with the white background.
    I too have not “got enough hours in” in 2010 and plan for things to be different in 2011. My approach is that I am going to resolve to do something towards getting on the water everyday, no matter how small. I have also made an attitude change towards the build; I now regard boatbuilding as my job rather than my hobby. The idea being that if you wake up and don’t feel like going to work you have no option other than drag yourself in (or throw a sickie). It should be the same with building a boat. I was also given a black note book for Christmas and I now write to do lists for various horizons, this year, this month, this week, this night, this hour. It sounds a bit anally retentive but I derive great pleasure from ticking things off in my book, and that way I can see myself making progress. It might work for you too. It must be harder for you to separate “working for money” from “working for Gleda”. I’m not sure there is an easy way around it, but you somehow have to be disciplined in not letting your internet marketing time eat into building Gleda time.
    I also have my blog diary to keep me going. I’m not sure if anybody reads it, and it must be as boring as hell at times, but it is quite difficult to make a 2 hour stint coating ply with epoxy appear interesting.
    All the best for 2011, and I’m sure with application you will reach your dream

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Adrian, your resolve to do something everyday is a good one and I wish you luck with it.Coincidentally the post I’ve just written is perfectly connected with ‘showing up’.
    I’m less and less thinking of working for money and working for Gleda as separate things in fact I don’t think of either as ‘work’. They’re both part of the ‘Gleda Project’ and the project is what I now do, it’s who I am and it’s about going sailing not building a boat.
    Don’t worry too much about the content of your blog, just read back at some of mine! It matters not if anyone reads it, although I’m sure it’s not just me! I started this blog for entirely selfish reasons just to keep a record of the build and now, unbelievably I get over 1000 visits a month. If I can do it so can you!

    I wish you the same best wishes for the year and don’t forget you’re welcome to visit ‘Gleda’ anytime.

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