Getting Ready To Work Again

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  1. Eric Dobson says:

    Great picture!

    I don’t care if they’ve been a bit neglected for a while, when I see those hulls ready to receive a dose of love (and epoxy), I see a picture of freedom.

    Please drop me an email with your PayPal (or preferred method) address. I don’t have a lot to spare right now, but it would mean a lot to me to contribute to your epoxy fund. I’d really like to do what I can to help you reach your dreams, while I’m also working to reach my own.


  2. Chris Harrell says:

    Hey there Neil

    Barns looking good matey and the hulls are in repose just waiting for you to start again. Very best of British to you and I’m sure that when you get started again then the project will really start moving. How are you getting on with the beams and rudders? When you come to drill the holes for the lacing it would pay you to make up some mild steel jigs, better to screw up a piece of mild steel than the stem, just a thought from previous experience with Thai carpenters lol. Even a plywood jig would do it.

    You must be on step about 1750 out of 3250 so look on the bright side mate.


    Chris Harrell

  3. Neil says:

    Thanks Chris great to hear from you. I’ve not started on the beams yet, they are the next major thing on the list. I know that they are labour intensive so I want to start ASAP but I can’t afford the timber right now. Rudders are cut out but have been taken no further yet. Great tip for the lacing holes. I did make up a jig for the holes in the stems and I’ll be making additional ones as the need arises.

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