Getting Into Gear Again

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  1. Andy says:

    Hey Neil;

    We had a 50cm snowfall on Tuesday,15cm on wednesday and 30cm on Friday the night time temps have been minus 32C-35C with a windchill of minus 47C. I calculate there should be another 80 days until launch date here. I went to Parry Sound and cleared the decks of snow for the second time in two weeks.So, I understand how frustrating working around the weather can be! However, you have made great progress in the short time you have been able to devote to actual construction. Someone once said "Rome was not built in a day" which is a silly saying, because not even one house is built in a day! The point being, patience dear brother. When you are sailing you will be working with the weather and not fighting it, the same should apply to the build. Isn’t there a country pub close to your home where you can spend some quailty time to ease the stress of a lost day?


  2. Jacques says:

    "I plan to draw and cut-out a complete set of bulkheads for one hull and then use them as templates to make the others."

    Yep, here are my thoughts about this.

    First, I think it is very important to build the two hulls together in parallel. I could not do that for my lower hulls: I had to build them one by one because of lack of space.

    That allows you to:
    1. Draw and cut a piece.
    2. Dry fit on hull 1 and make adjustments if needed.
    3. VERIFY on hull 2 that this piece fit properly and that the two hulls are identical as they should be.
    4. Use the piece as a template for hull 2 if everything is ok.

    Now, if a part has to be duplicated more than once (usually a set of 4) I do a template in 2mm plywood which gives great shapes.

    I discovered how Wharram was using duplication and reusability as a major tool to make builders life easier.


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