Fair To Middlin’

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  1. Ken says:

    You are making me feel guilty with all the exercise! Seriously though it shows what results come from a bit of effort (Gleda showed you that). The benefit of building your own boat is that you are happy to dive in a do all types of work. Good luck with the book sales.

  2. Michael says:

    For the book…I found all of your blogs interesting. Especially all the technical details because I thought about building a TIKI 38 myself (I am now more and more becoming a buyer… If I can go I want to go). But what makes your blog special is your openness about the mental issues, the doubts, the problems. That applies to all kind of dreams your readers might have.

  3. Bill Hanchett says:

    Neil, Just read your book, “A Foolish Voyage”. I think I saw a mention of it on Facebook last week so ordered the Kindle version from Amazon. I really enjoyed it We’ve had such similar feelings and results. I sailed as a kid but took the corporate route for 30 years. As soon as I left work, we sold the house and bought a Nauticat 33 PH cutter and traveled for five years around the US. We ended up selling the boat after a few years since my partner wanted more time with the grandchildren. Now, fifteen years later I’ve found many boats I’d like to build but at age 72 I didn’t feel I had adequate time left so bought a 31 foot cutter last summer. Heck, it’s taken me a couple of years and I still have an unfinished dinghy on the bench. I expect to have a lot of hours on the new boat this summer but we live in the northern US and we only have about 6 months of sailing per year. We’re on the Great Lakes so can easily cruise for months and never retrace our tracks. I think that’ll be enough for now. I sure loved that full time cruising life though.

    I think your original decision to sail was great, tough luck you had such bad weather on your first ocean crossing. Congratulations on getting back on board and making the most of it. You have a real flair for descriptive writing. I could almost see and smell the sea and mud and your thoughts as you made your decisions. I look forward to more books in the future. Thank you very much.

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