Escape Artist

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  1. Chris says:

    I really enjoy you blogs and can’t wait for the next book. You have the dream so enjoy it. I am now disabled with a mobility scooter but luckily I still get around. There are plenty worse than me, so I thank my lucky stars for my life.
    A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both xx

  2. Keith Stevens says:

    totally agree with everything you have said. We are wintering in Scotland in our caravan at the moment, planning our new adventures for spring. It’s nice to take some time out but already getting cabin fever.

  3. Eric Dobson says:

    I grew up planning to be ultra-wealthy. Throughout my teens and into my early 20s I read dozens and dozens (two or three hundred?) of books on business, investing, biographies of wealthy men… on and on and on. Then over the years my plans repeatedly failed to materialize. Or rather… I failed to follow through on them.

    It’s only been in the last year or so that I finally realized I am simply not motivated by making money. It seems such an obvious conclusion, but it can be an incredibly difficult one to come to. There are so many other plausible reasons why a person fails to follow through on plans. And for me, many of those reasons are valid, and need to be addressed. But they also served to cover the fact that I honestly don’t care one bit about pursuing money for its own sake.

    So, I can deeply relate to you on that! It’s a rather startling conclusion to come to, particularly when money seems to be the key to an amazing life of cruising, or whatever other dreams a person has. But for me it just doesn’t work that way, and apparently not for you either.

    Regarding your comments on improving the world… one of my favorite passages in The War Of Art is where he says the only thing one artist can do to help another is to live as a good example. Through multiple years on your blog and now your first book (which I finally got to reading and plan to email you about), you have already done a great deal to inspire good living in others. No doubt you will continue to do so with your upcoming books and adventures.

    It’s often not very glamorous day to day, but it really adds up over time. I know it’s easy to feel adrift as plans come and go and work towards a goal is inconsistent. But we’re ultimately judged on the sum of it, and over the last eleven years your sum has been increasing substantially.

    You continue to affect my life for the better, and I know for a fact that is true for many others as well.

    What is it you say over there? Crack on.

  4. Tess says:

    Thank you, Neil for another of your great blogs. You have got off your Arse and done what many of us dream of, escaping ‘normality’, or what has become that for each of us for whatever reason, mostly money making, family building and being conventional. To vicariously enjoy your adventure is as far as most of us will get, and for that I thank you. I look forward to reading your next blogs, and the further adventures of yourself, Gail and Gleda. I don’t know if Jake has contacted you recently but he is working on my Dad’s well proven CSY44 here in Alderney, with the plan to follow in your wake next year. Ragtime is only half a boat, missing one hull, but a strong and comfortable old girl all the same. Have a great Christmas.

  5. steven hepple says:

    I love reading your blogs..they give me hope…even at 50, not even a sailor and only sailed for a weekend on an rya course 🙂
    Dont really agree with your brexit views and find brits who sail abroad generally dont like brexit because it could have repercussions on prices and a whole raft of other things…regardless of the fact of how the people back in Britain must live under the EU regime.
    I really hope your book makes top money so you can afford to live/sail/blog/maintain your boat etc.
    Piece and love 🙂

  6. NeilH says:

    Thanks Steven. I’m glad you enjoy my writing and happier still that the words give you hope. Whatever it is that you hope for I’d urge you to take some action. However small. No matter how pointless it may seem. Do something. Do some research, write some goals. Set some targets. Buy something. Above all commit to turning those hopes into reality. To quote Goethe: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”. I know from personal experience he was right.
    I respect your views on Brexit. I try take a holistic view. The drop in exchange rates post-referendum hit us hard. Both with the drop in Euro rates and U.S.Dollar (most of my publishing income comes from For sure it’s likely that ex-pat Brits will be the first to experience any problems the process throws up. What I find enlightening is the attitude of the locals here. The majority of Spaniards are as patriotic a people as you’ll find. Spanish first always, but I’ve heard more than a few describe themselves as citizens of Europe and the World. That said, if the E.U. ‘regime’ or any other authoritarian organisation, try to do something they don’t like. They fight. Perhaps that’s what’s brought things to a head in the U.K. We as a country let them off too easily. Anyway. What’s done is done. What will be will be. I’ve rambled enough. Have a fantastic 2018 and remember – Start!

  7. NeilH says:

    Hi Tess. Great to hear from you. How’s life on beautiful Alderney? It’s great to hear that Jake is preparing ‘Ragtime’ for new adventures. I’m sure we’ll meet up in some tranquil anchorage someday soon. That will be a good day. You should join us.
    Thanks so much for your kind words. Have yourself a great Christmas and a happy healthy 2018

  8. NeilH says:

    Eric. What can I say? As always your words and support are like a breeze in my sails. I’ve just re-written the chapter of my new book that covers the year 2010. You’ll remember I quit working for the man and spent most of the year on various internet marketing, blogging and SEO projects. It’s so clear to me now that none of them was ever going to work. I was just chasing money. Ah, well with age comes wisdom so they say. I woke up eventually. I bought ‘War of Art’ in 2008. I’m re-reading it now. It’s taken 9 years for the wisdom in those pages to sink in. I’ll never buy another ‘self-help’ book. This one is all I need.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your long and continued support. I very much hope we meet someday.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and an amazing 2018

  9. NeilH says:

    Thanks for your comment Keith. A very Happy Christmas to you.

  10. NeilH says:

    Thanks Chris. Sorry to hear that you’re less mobile. Your positive attitude shines through like a beacon to others. HAve a peaceful and happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

  11. John Peat says:

    Morning Neil,

    Well it’s been a long time, don’t know if you want to be in touch or not but if you do I will leave my e mail. If I here nothing I will assume not

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