Dream Or Reality?

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  1. jon sutton says:

    It’s a tough ol’ life, ain’t it?

    Will be thinking of the pair of you suffering over there whilst I’m enjoying myself on my knees under a kitchen sink later today!

    Glad it’s all going so well, best wishes

  2. Louise says:

    Wow. Wow. And wow. Just somehow stumbled across your blog and recognised Gail from a previous life. My memories of you are a hard working dedicated lady in an office at CMP who I aspired to be like if I ever grew up and worked in an office. And I think you started my love of Wales!!
    You look so happy. What an amazing experience. And nice to see your Mum and Bry. X

  3. Burk says:

    Greetings Neil,
    I think you’ve stumbled upon the subject of your next book and the yearning that millions of us are so desperate for.

    – Mindfullness –

    enjoying being part of your journey and discoveries – Burk

  4. Ken says:

    Living the dream and a really nice description as well.

  5. Beat says:

    Now yer talking! Squeeze them creative juices hard!!

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