Did I say that out loud? Yes I did. Get used to it.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ohhhh Gail…what are we going to do with our men!!! We women do speak our minds all the time…they have to just learn to pay attention to the important stuff. Tis a learning curve for sure but the future is bright!!!!!

  2. Ken says:

    If you are going to learn to sail try a RYA school. From the “Don’t teach your spouse to drive” experience. Don’t ask me how I know!

  3. jon sutton says:

    When boarding a plane it may be pertinant to enquire if the guy up the sharp end can fly.

    Elizabeth’s comment about us having to pay attention to the important stuff begs the question; important to whom?? Or am I just being a stupid bloke? 😉

  4. Gail says:

    Ahh Jon now there is a question. My “chatter” is generally a mix of stuff that I want to empty from my head along with important stuff either I want him to know or he needs to know. Hence, if he had listened to the whole conversation and not switched off after a few rambling words, he would of known where the onions were kept in the galley before he cooked his curry and not during a later conversation when he mentioned how nice it would of been to use fresh onions and then I reminded him where they were!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Ahhh Jon, yes you are just being a stupid bloke…we women are fickle creatures!!! ( Joking about you being a stupid bloke of course)

  6. Adrian (Capt Pugwash) says:


    Well at least we are now out of the era that when we used to board a plane, we were given a rubber band, flying helmet and instruction book….or was that my interpretation of Dan Air??

    Today the only reason that I ask if some one can sail when they come on board Ateya IV for the first time, is to find out what they can do. Winch grinding and rope knowledge is of great value, even for a tide run. Then again,sailing with a Tiki rig and main is a new experience for most sailors…and they come away very impressed!

    I trust that today’s rain is not stopping progress.

  7. Janine says:

    Didn’t all of our mothers tell anyone within earshot that they were just going upstairs to put on a cardigan or off to the postbox? It defo is a ‘Woman Thing’!
    Ahhhh! Adrian, I remember the thrill of the Dan Air flight, coming in to land at Besancon for the 2nd time after narrowly missing the surrounding mountains on the first attempt. Happy days!
    BTW we will be in Plymouth from 10th – 12th July after a 1500mile round trip and a Bay of Biscay crossing (it’ll be like a mill pond!) in the express hope of being able to visit you and Neil. Please say you are around on Friday 11th July and we can come to the boatyard, otherwise we shall just have to crawl under the fence and skulk around!!
    Let us know your new mobile number via our email address so we can (very hopefully!) fix up a time to meet.
    Soooo excited to see Gleda afloat!

  8. Ian/Brigid says:

    finally found time to look around the site, very impressive Gail, and all your own work, where exactly are you, Neil and boat at present ? are there any local pubs that do b and b ?

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