Deck Party :)

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  1. Peter Brook says:

    Hi Neil

    Great problem to have, to many guests to seat! Had you thought about a deck tent?

    Bigger pod will be more windage.

    I am getting nearer to my build. Hope to start next year. Still not certain if will be a Tiki. Accommodation, upwind performance and ease of reefing wingsail are my main worries. Also, some difficulty sourcing decent plywood to date (Philippines).

    Enjoy your time after the solo build. You deserve it!

  2. Simon says:

    It’s been interesting watching this story unfold. From those too cold to resin days where we definitely didn’t envy you to here where you are living out not just your dreams but ours too. Sailing, sun, wine, new and interesting friends. You made so much more than a fine ship – respect!

  3. Philip Ritson says:

    Get used to this. It’s a Tiki 38. Who has the most deck for a party?

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